Becoming a Client

Becoming a Client - The Process:

We recommend an initial two-meeting process with all prospective clients. The first serves as a Discovery Meeting and the second as a Proposal Meeting.

Discovery Meeting

The goal is to obtain an understanding of what is important to you, where you are today, and where you want to be in the future. Additionally, we want to mutually agree that there is a fit before moving forward to the next stage. No commitment or decisions have to be made at this step. At this meeting we will describe to you the process that we follow in developing your own unique plan. This is also a great time for you get to know our team and how we will work together. Come ready with any questions.

Proposal Meeting

We use the information you provided in the Discovery Meeting to prepare a plan that is consistent with your situation, goals, and risk tolerance. The Proposal Meeting is where we start to review this plan together. If we are generally in agreement during this second meeting, we will ask you to complete documents to open relevant accounts. Additional meetings may be scheduled depending on the complexity of your situation.

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