Our Investment Process

Our team believes that asset allocation and diversification play important roles in client returns. We help clients pursue their goals by constructing, managing and monitoring a diversified portfolio that is customized to their needs.

We begin by determining your investor profile through conversations and a short questionnaire, which helps us assess your risk tolerance, aspirations and income needs. The Raymond James Asset Allocation Committee provides recommendations for various investor profiles that we generally follow. As portfolio managers, we have created model portfolios for each of these investor profiles. We will link your account to one of these models. While there will be common securities among the different models, your investor profile will determine the allocations to those securities, which we actively monitor.

As for security selection, there are different approaches. Some models will use a rules-based relative strength system, which is a top-down approach. Relative strength is a method of analyzing financial markets to determine which asset group(s) to invest in and which to avoid. It helps clients avoid the many pitfalls of investing, such as value traps, poor timing, emotional decisions and personal biases. Other models focus on generating a higher income for clients drawing down on their accounts. Here we may use the expertise of different research teams and market strategists that we are able to access.

We also hold regular Investment Committee Meetings to discuss securities within the model portfolios as well as the market outlook to ensure we have a well-rounded view of current conditions. While market volatility is unavoidable when investing, one of our primary roles is to manage risk. We believe capital preservation is important, and we have established processes to minimize the downside.